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Emergency Notification System

AlertsAtlantic County Office of Emergency Preparedness has contracted the services of a Community Notification System that may be used to notify all residents of Atlantic County in the event of an emergency. We have also contracted with Verizon to obtain the 9-1-1 Database. This database contains every direct dial landline telephone number in Atlantic County. The Verizon 9-1-1 Database at this time does not capture Cellular phones, or some Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone numbers. This registration process will allow you to register your cellular, and/or VOIP phone numbers with your address. Additionally, individuals who maintain property in the county but live in other areas should consider registering as well. This will ensure that you are on the list to receive notifications from our Emergency Notification System. Click on Register to be directed to the CODE RED Atlantic County enrollment form.

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1.  I received a CodeRED call, does that mean I am in the CodeRED database?

YES.  If you would like to submit additional information, such as cell phone number(s), text and email information, you should re-register. Duplicated numbers will be automatically removed from the system. If you are unsure if you are registered, it is better to re-register. This will ensure that your information is included in the database. All data is kept strictly confidential and will only be used for emergency purposes.

2.  Why did CodeRED call me several times?

If there is no answer and you do not have an answering device, the number will be attempted up to 3 times. 

3. CodeRED called me, but no message played.

If you pick up the phone but do not speak, CodeRED will not know it has contacted a live person. The system will disconnect and retry at a later time.

4. Why did it leave only part of the message on my answering machine?

 CodeRED will leave a message on an answering device. There are many different brands and types of devices on which to leave messages. On occasion, it may be unable to determine if it has reached a live person or a machine, and therefore only a partial message may be delivered. The recipient can retrieve the message by calling 1-866-419-5000.

5.  Why does my phone ring once and hang up? I have received two calls but was unable to answer them.

If your answering device has a ring back tone which plays a song, the system will interpret this as an Operator Intercept and hang up. It will, however, retry the number.  There are two options to resolve this issue. You can remove the ring back tone or contact your cell phone provider to request that the CodeRED message phone numbers, 1-855-969-4636 and 1-866-419-5000 are bypassed to ring normally.

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