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What Residents Can Do To Help In Times of Public Health Emergency

MRCIn times of emergency, Atlantic County needs a core team of residents that is ready and able to assist others in our community!

One of the key goals of the Atlantic County Division of Public Health is to respond to disasters as well as to prevent and control the spread of disease.

In the event of a bioterrorism attack or major outbreak of a naturally occurring illness in Atlantic County, we will need the help of many citizens to protect the health of our residents. We will need both medical and non-medical volunteers.

How YOU can help!

In a public health emergency, it is sometimes necessary to open large scale clinics to distribute antibiotics or give vaccinations to many people in order to prevent them from becoming ill.

Here are some of the ways volunteers can help when a mass public health clinic is activated:

• Assist the public as they arrive at the clinic.
• Guide clients to proper places within the clinic.

Client Services
• Assist clients with forms.
• Guide clients from station to station within the clinic.

Information Technology
• Assist with data entry and other technology support.

Food Support/Canteen Staff
• Assist clinic staff and volunteers with food and beverage.

• Assist individuals who are hearing-impaired (ASL), or who are not fluent in English.

General Helpers
• Move supplies and materials as needed within the clinic.

Clergy & Religious Leaders
• Assist with the spiritual needs of clients waiting in line.

Child-Care Workers
• Help small children remain calm.

For additional information on the MRC contact: Partnership Coordinator, Atlantic County Division of Public Health at 609-645-5853.

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