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Emergency Alert System TV and Radio Stations

The Emergency Alert System consists of a network of broadcast stations, across the Nation and across the State, with equipment designed to allow the automatic transmission and broadcasting of emergency messages. Alerts pass from station to station and on to the air automatically, without human intervention. The State Office of Emergency Management activates the EAS for State-level alerts and the County Office of Emergency Preparedness activates the EAS for countywide and local alerts. The EAS incorporates coding that allows specific locations to be alerted, so that only affected areas receive the alert, so as not to alarm locations not affected. The EAS allows alert information to be digitally coded, along with standard audio information, so that television stations can have a crawl that displays the text of the alert for hearing-impaired citizens. EAS was designed to be a cooperative effort between government agencies and local broadcasters.

During emergencies, the Office of Emergency Preparedness advises you to monitor radio and television for important announcements and updates. These stations are part of the EAS as well as work cooperatively to speed emergency information to the residents of and visitors to Atlantic County.

Emergency information is broadcast on the following radio and television stations:

Radio Stations

WAYV 95.1 FM / WAIV 102.3 FM
WTTH 96.1 FM / WDTH 93.1 FM
WFPG 96.9 FM
WXKW 97.3 FM
WZBZ 99.3 FM / WGBZ 105.5 FM
WZXL 100.7 FM
WMGM 103.7 FM
WSJO 104.9 FM
WPUR 107.3 FM
WIBG 1020 AM
WCMC 1230 AM
WMID 1340 AM
WOND 1400 AM
WENJ 1450 AM
WTKU (AM) 1490 AM
WGYM 1580 AM

TV Stations

SNJ-TV – Comcast 26 (Atlantic and Cape May counties), Dish 4,  DirecTV 4, Verizon 4, Comcast 4


Noaa Radio Image

For the most up to date weather go to NOAA Weather Radio. The voice of the National Weather Service. It broadcasts direct from weather offices 24 hours per day nationwide. Receive up-to-the-minute forecasts, warnings, marine forecasts and current weather at most cities in the region. This is the first source of weather related emergency information.


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Emergency Notification System
Register your cellular telephone or Voice Over Internet Protocol phone number in the Emergency Notification System.

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